Pig Slaughter Sausage

Festival 2015

The Pig slaughtering Sausage Festival” in Budapest at the Railway Museum Park during 16-18th of October 2015 (1142 Budapest, Tatai u. 95.)

The organizers will introduce a real tradition keeper feeling of old-time pig slauthering era. The event 100% celeb free, dedicated for tradition keeper, gastro cultural occasion. The fair extended over a 10 hectares event space: during daytime family programs, sausage kneading, presentation for pork meat processing, presentation of old timer automobiles and motorcycles. On Friday “Sausage Fair+ and Fásy mulató, tickets will be sold on uniformly 999Huf price. On 3 stages a wild range on musical programs that lasts for 3 days! During daytime, folklore programs, at the evening nostalgia bands, concerts. During opening hours of the event “The Sausage Festival Bus” will transport the passengers between the Railway Museum and the West Railway Station free of charge.

During “The Pig slaughtering Sausage Festival” the park’s all interactive programs will operate (daytime): steam-engine, garden railway with 6 trains, hand cars, rotary engine, and railcar, omnibus. At the festival will be organized a big Backyard Fair: separate street for sausages, salami, pig slaughtering street, craftsman street, brandy street, wine cellar. During exhibition the best national hosts will provide the gastronomic delicacies for the visitors! The prices for the grilled meats will be maximized: 600HUF/ 100gr… EUR! During daytime many program for children will wait up for the little ones, free of charge: air castle, folkloric playground, petting zoo, with a vast number of animals, face painting, employing children programs, craftsman activities, archery. They can try out old-time activities; manual corn crumbler, and lots of other tradition keeper producer equipment. Children's theater, operetta, performance of folk-dancing will be part of the repertoire.

image Of course for the adults can choose from a variety of leisure attractions: presentation of old timer automobiles and motorcycles, steam-engines, at the area of petting zoo pictures can be taken of the local native animals. At the Waterpower Park the will presented in action the old timer tractors and 120 years old steam-engine. The visitors will have a possibility of tasting of smoked sausages, cheese, brandy, wine and the grilled gastronomic specialities. At the Water tower Park will be built up„ The Csabai Country House” where you can taste the famous Csabai sausage. The variety of sausages will be presented at the event from bear sausage to turkey sausage you can find everything! Local gastronomic delicacies what you can’t find in any supermarket!

image Entrance tickets: adult ticket: 1.999HUF, children and for the seniors (pensioners): 1.500HUF, family ticket (for 4 persons) 5.990HUF. With the entrance ticket can be visited all spectacles of the Pig slaughtering Sausage Festival and the railway vehicles of the Railway Museum Park, and the music events, concerts. The tickets can be purchased on the spot during the opening hours. Or pre booked at every generally known ticket offices or on the internet at the site: www.ticketportal.hu .For the event’s visitors parking, health service and the toilet is free of charge at the fair and the use of “The Sausage Festival Bus” which continuously runs between the Railway Museum and the West Railway Station.

The patron of the event: Tarlos István- The Lord Mayor of Budapest

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